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Say Hello to Paul Chandran

Introducing Pastor Paul Chandran and his wife, Mrs. Leela. Together, they operate an orphanage in Kerala, India. Their son is Stephen Paul.


We had our yearly Vacation Bible School session a few weeks ago. This year we had planned to have it in a Hindu dominated area where I used to go for door to door work and open-air meetings, but things have unfortunately changed due to the present Government. I was told not to have the VBS as some were planning and getting ready to oppose us and to disrupt the gathering.  

Nevertheless, Praise God for He is so good that He enabled us to hold the VBS on the roof-top of Asha Kendram, where we gather on Sundays these days. We were thrilled to see more than 50 children coming to attend the VBS right from 9am. It was led by a few members from Child Evangelism Fellowship. God worked through them and they were able to inspire the kids and challenge them to taste and know the Lord at their young age and surrender their lives to Him.  At the end, many took a decision to live for the Lord! It was heartening to see God at work even among the little ones, who are to be tomorrow's witnesses for Him. 

Delicious food and prizes were given to all those who attended. As it happens every year, the children did not want to go back despite the scorching heat. This was an all the more special occasion for me as it was the 50th birthday of my spiritual life! I was led to do a little more for my Saviour before the day drew to a close and therefore in the evening I stood in a public place and shared the Gospel with my testimony on how the Lord transformed my life in1968 and how He carried me through thus far - He has done nothing but good for me!

Please pray for the Children who accepted the Lord in this VBS, and for those who listened to my testimony that they may think of what they heard and desire to know this saving, living God!

Attached a few photographs for you to see and praise the Lord with us. 

In Christ's service


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