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"My desire is to lead followers of Jesus and to help equip them for faithful service to Jesus. Nothing inspires me more than to study God's Word with other believers and see them get excited about Jesus and the Bible."

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"When we get excited about Jesus.... 

"When we get excited about Jesus, we also get excited about the mission.

He gave us to proclaim the Good News, starting at home and then to the whole world. The first gift God gave me was Christian parents who taught me to love Jesus and to want to study the Bible. I attended Christian schools through much of my life before graduating from The Pennsylvania State University (GO NITTANY LIONS!) with a degree in Humanities. 


Having received a degree that requires higher education if you want to do anything with it and knowing that God had called me to ministry, I went to Fuller Theological Seminary and graduated with a Master of Divinity. 


​My wife and I recently celebrated our 40th year of marriage. We have three sons, two daughter-in-laws, and two grandsons. I am an avid reader and lover of movies. But my passions also include leading trips to Israel and an increased love of missions sparked by a trip to Swaziland. I do my best to avoid yard work and washing dishes but I love to cook and bake. I enjoy playing golf and collecting hymnals. ​

Heroes of the faith include Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Robert Webber, both of whom are with the Lord. Bonhoeffer is a hero because of his stand against Hitler and because his writings inspire and challenge me. Robert Webber is a hero because he called for a return to the worship practices which centered the church around Jesus and to fellowship as His disciples.

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